L'Oreal Majirel Hair Color

L'Oreal Professional Majirel Permanent Creme Hair Color is hair color that supplies exceptional and long enduring color results. Formulated making use of Incell and ION NE G technology, this hair color is exemplary and treats hair from the core to the surface. Applied on destroyed hair, it repair works and smoothens the hair fiber strengthening it from the inside out and offering lasting, glowing color with superior resistance to fading.

This hair color is most preferred by experts as it guarantees 100 % grey protection through its rich, deep and extreme color. It follows an organized approach of application and provides a lightning and darkening of color to as much as 3 tones.

The best ways to utilize Majirel


Blending ratio for Majirel is 1: 1.5 ratios. 1 tube of Majirel with 75ml L'Or al Professional Cream Oxidant 20 or 30 volume developer and approximately 1/4 tube Majirel Mix. The mix must remain for at least 20 minutes prior to use.

Reducing the effects of Technique (Blue, Green, Mauve):

For hair that has up to 50 % grey, mix up to 1/4 tube of Majirel Mix. For length of the hair and for its ends, apply the picked shade after blending with up to 1/4 tube of Majirel mix.

Heightening Technique (Copper, Copper Red, Red, Yellow):

In order to obtain Intense coloring for hair that has 0 % to 50 % grey, use your desired color after mixing with 1/4 tube of Majirel mix. For grey in between 50 % to 100 %, you will have to enhance the percentage of Majirel mix made use of. You will need to make use of 1/2 tube of Majirel combine with 20- or 30-volume developer.

For Special Color Effects:.

On pre-lightened hair, you might make use of Majirel mix alone to obtain extreme color highlights.

For all unique effects blend 1/2 tube of Majirel Mix (or 1/4 tube for less intensity) with 1.3 oz. Majicr me 20- or 30-volume designer. See this beautyboutiquela.com for more information about microdermabrasion.

Safety measures to be taken:

Ensure to follow all the guidelines showed on the package.

Carry out an anti-allergic test on your skin prior to make use of to guarantee you are not adverse the product.

Constantly wear non reusable gloves while mixing and applying hair color.

General Instructions for application

For 100 % coverage ensures you apply color equally from base of the strands to the ends making use of a brush.

In case of newbie applications, begin coloring 1 inch from the scalp up to the mid-length hairs. Leave color on for 15 minutes. When hair grows, re-apply throughout the growth and leave color on for 35 minutes.

For re-application, apply to dry hair and leave the color on for 35 minutes. Ensure you emulsify color with warm water.

For Moderate fading, mix the hair color with a few drops of warm water and after using on hair leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

For maximum fading, blend the selected shade to a 2 to 3 inch bow of cream for a warmer shade and apply.